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Today millions of dollars are invested into digital signage to promote brands such as Samsung and Apple as well as wireless carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile and Vodafone in retail stores.

Complex, multi media servers, Internet connections, magnetic and mechanical sensors, miles of cords, cable plus a ton of frustration is the message RTF heard from their customers.

In July 2013, RTF introduced SmartCircle Digital Signage, a revolutionary Android based retail digital media system.

This system takes minutes in install, uses current LCD monitors or even Tablets and Smartphones on display and is very cost effective based on a monthly fee and no hardware costs.

Part of the Peer to Peer SmartCircle network, Digital Signage is connected to all displayed Smartphone and Tablet devices in the store and as devices are lifted media is triggered to nearby TV monitors or adjacent iPad's, iPhone's, Galaxy S3's, Tablets or Mobile phones.

The software is Android based but is designed to be cross platform and accepts two way communication from Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft.

Imagine... no more expensive hardware and Smartphone activity such as customers touching the screen or lifting the device will initiate media messages on the mobile device or nearby ones driving customers to a buying decision.

SmartCircle is available for download today and enjoy content management ease with Metrics Dashboard

For more information on SmartCircle please contact 
RTF Global  1-888-826-7773

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